Thesis and diploma exams

Principles of preparing

A thesis and conducting diploma exams on the

Department of International Relations and Political Sciences

University of Lodz

According to the resolution of the Department Council dated 26th of January 2012, beginning from academic year 2012/2013 master and bachelor thesis will be graded using listed below, uniformed and formalised criteria.



General recommendations

Ensuring the proper quality of diploma thesis lies within the responsibilities of the Dean of the Faculty in cooperation with the Chief of Department/Institute, which holds the diploma seminar, along with the Department Coordinator for Education Standards, in particular with regards to groundwork of the Promoters and Thesis Reviewers.

Proposals for seminars Bachelor / Master conducted by the Promoters are published within the period specified by the Dean, but no later than one month before the semester preceding the semester during which seminars are conducted.

Changing the promoter can take place only in exceptional cases after acceptance of previous and new Promoter or obligatorily in case of suspension of the Promoter work at the Faculty (leave of absence, termination of employment). The decision to change the promoter is made by the Dean at the request of the Head of the Department / Department in which the seminar is held.

For both the master and bachelor thesis Author must demonstrate mastery of workshop and editorial skills (documentation, presentation). The following items are evaluated: the thesis construct, introduction, summary (final arguments and conclusions), bibliography, annotations, tables, figures, annexes, clarity of thought and language used. The thesis should be written in a consistent manner. Volumes recommended bellow, can be exceeded only in legitimate cases, after consultation with the Thesis Promoter. Both the Master and Bachelor Thesis are subject to review by a Reviewer possessing the knowledge from the field of study, chosen by the Promoter with acceptance of the Chef of Department/Institute. The review is to be discussed and graded during the bachelor or master examination.

The thesis subject must be related to the specialty of the student. Both the Promoter and the Reviewer must display verifiable competences in regards to the profile and field of study of the master or bachelor thesis.

Passing the diploma seminar on the last semester of bachelor or master studies, can only take place, if the Promoter has accepted the final version of the master or bachelor thesis.

The Promoter is responsible for the factual correctness of the thesis, should pay close attention to thesis subjects (identical subjects on different units of the Department, such situations must be prevented) and regulations coming from the intellectual property protection laws and language correctness of the thesis.


1.     Nature of thesis

Bachelor and Master thesis must bear no means of intellectual theft and each one must be checked for such. If through such proceedings, the thesis will show a high number of loanwords, it cannot be allowed to proceed further. In this instance, the Dean may order an investigation and form a Commission to investigate the reasons behind the lack of independent research in the thesis and may request to begin a disciplinary procedure against the Author.

Student is obligated to submit the Thesis to the Deans Office until 30th of September of the academic year concluding his/her studies. In legitimate cases, the Student may issue a request to prolong the date, up to a maximum of one month, after it was accepted by the Promoter and the Chef of the Department/Institute in which the seminar is held. The final decision is made by the Dean.

In case the Student does not submit the thesis and required documents or does not attempt to pass the diploma exam in required by the regulations time schedule, the Dean removes the Student from the student list or directs the Student to repeat the last year of studies.


Bachelor thesis:

·       Should be empirical or descriptive in nature,

·       Recommended volume up to 45 pages of standard typescript ( maximum of 80 thousand characters with spaces),

·       Introduction should formulate the goal of the thesis, ground the materials used and construct of the argument,

·       Author should independently search for source materials in available scientific publications,

·       In thesis based on literature of a given field of study, it is expected from the Author to interpret independently presented material,

·       In a thesis based on original material, the Author should display analytical skills, typical to the field of study,

·       Number of bibliographical items utilised in the thesis, should be no less than 20 and contain scientific publications,


Master thesis:

Should present the results of an independent research conducted under the Promoters supervision, recommended volume should not exceed 80 pages (150 thousand characters with spaces).

a)     Can be of nature:

·       Systematic – presenting new trends in a given field,

·       Research – aiming to detect new correlations or aspects of phenomenon,

·       Research project,

·       A theoretical study,

b)     Should contain:

·       A clear indication of an empirical or theoretical problem with clear placement in current research results,

·       Its deep analysis that should result in answering the stated question,

·       Utilisation of a given research method,

·       Utilization of proper analytical tools,

·       Conclusions formulated on the base of analysis conducted,

·        References to available scientific publications, documents and primary sources,

·       The number of bibliographical items utilised in the thesis should be no smaller than 35 and should contain scientific publications,

c)      Preparation of the thesis should develop the following abilities:

·       Ability to evaluate current theoretical research in a given field of study, especially in case of theoretical thesis,

·       Independent search for source materials in available scientific publications,

·       Diagnose and evaluate a problem,

·       Utilisation of scientific workshop, scientific research methods in particular,

·       Identifying and analysing observed phenomenons, especially those with which the Graduate came in contact with,

·       Ability to observe regularities within these phenomenons,

·       Ability to formulate correct conclusions,

·       Ability to actively utilise gained knowledge both in practical use and theoretical inference,

·       Ability to lead a logical argument,

·       Ability to use a precise and clear language.


2.     Formal requirements:

·       Title page (enclosed),

·       Declaration by the student that the master thesis was prepared independently (enclosed),

·       Declaration of acceptance by the Promoter along with confirmation that the thesis fulfils the criteria of granting the Bachelor or Master degree (enclosed),

·       Table of contents,

·       Introduction,

·       Chapters containing the base text,

·       Ending (synthetic conclusions coming from the thesis),

·       List of cited literature in alphabetical order, compliant with requirements of bibliographical description,

·       List of used documents (in legitimate cases),

·       List of tables, figures (schemes, maps), attachments etc.,

·       Abstract in Polish, if the thesis is written in a foreign language.


3.     Editorial requirements:

Typescript of a thesis should meet the following criteria:

·       Paper format: A4 (single sided),

·       Font: Times New Roman, Arial or Courier,

·       Size of base font: 12 points,

·       Spacing: 1,5 line,

·       Margins:

Top: 2,5 cm,

Bottom: 2,5 cm,

Left: 3 cm,

Right: 2 cm,

·       Utilise justification (align the text to both margins),

·       Each paragraph should begin with an indentation,

·       Each page should be numbered at the bottom of the page.

The thesis should be presented in 3 printed copies (for the Promoter, Reviewer and the Deans Office) and 2 digital copies ( for the Deans Office and the Library). Copy for the Deans Office should be bound and printed double-sided. Time schedule for presenting the thesis is regulated by the Study Regulations.


4.     Thesis evaluation:

Master and bachelor thesis are evaluated by the Promoter and the Reviewer. A positive mark from the Promoter is required to submit the thesis for review.

Master and Bachelor examination:

The examination should take place within a month, since the day, the student submitted the thesis and all documents required by the regulations.

Master and Bachelor examinations are conducted by a Commission – as part of the Examination Commission 3 people must be present during the examination – Chairman – an independent researcher – Promoter and Reviewer. The date of the examination is set by the Chairman, based on the Promoters proposal and should be set at least 2 weeks after the Student has provided all the necessary documents pointed by the Study Regulations and the thesis, accepted by the Promoter. During the examination, the Student needs to be asked at least 3 questions: 2 based on the thesis itself and 1 based on the field of study or specialty the thesis comes from. The list of questions should be publicly available to the Students,  at least 3 months before the examination. During the examination, the question should be chosen randomly.

Required documents for diploma exams

Student's statements for the diploma thesis

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