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Students of International and Political Studies, specializing in Intercultural Communication from the Faculty of International and Political Studies at the University of Lodz, prepared a project for students of the junior high school in Łódź related to the presentation of countries and cultures which they come from. On June 10, 2019, pupils borrowed books on culture and politics - Tajikistan, Vietnam, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, South Africa and Azerbaijan. Asking questions in English, they improved their language skills and at the same time in an accessible way learned the realities of life in other countries. Each pupil could borrow any book, or rather a student, talking about his country of origin and spend time with him during a conversation in a specially prepared reading room. The project was implemented thanks to the courtesy of the European School in Łódź. The organizers were particularly interested in creating a space for free dialogue and on cultivating attitudes of openness and tolerance towards other thoughts, views or religions. The students were pleasantly surprised by the language skills of Polish pupils, their openness and sensitivity. However, the young interlocutors paid attention to honesty, directness, diversity of statements, the opportunity to talk with adult colleagues from distant countries, or how they perceive Poland and Poles.

dr Agnieszka Kisztelińska-Węgrzyńska

Below there are some of the comments from the project participants.
"We met many interesting people and we could get to know their view of Poland" Marta and Angelika
"We learned new things about distant countries, their geography, economics, and at the same time we could polish up English" Kacper and Mikołaj
"Very good idea. Nice people, interesting stories, "Angela
"It was cool, spoko, fajnie, nice, pro" Kacper
"I was curious that many students came to study in Poland because here is cheap. It was nice talking "Mateusz and Oliwier
"Very nice action. Very nice people. I learned a lot of cool things I had not heard of before, "Melissa
"The coolest event of the school year" Adam
"The best festival this year. Great people and lots of curiosities. It is a pity that we will not repeat this again "Hania
"The most interesting event during my entire stay at this school. It is a pity that I did not have time to talk to everyone "Julia